/configure-whitelist share

Share a whitelist with another server

Black Edition

/configure-whitelist share provides you an easy way to implement cross-project whitelists. For example, your community can sign up on your own server for a whitelist for a different project, and you can allow the other project to access your whitelist data without having to send it to them. This enables cross-project promotions that engage communities across Discord server boundaries.

Simply share an existing whitelist by running the command and providing the correct guild ID (see parameter description on how to retrieve that ID). The other team can then download individual whitelists via /configure-whitelist download or all shared whitelists at once via our REST API, accessible through /configure-api generatetoken.


The Discord guild ID which you would like to share a whitelist with. You can find this ID by turning on Developer mode in Discord (under User SettingsAdvancedDeveloper Mode), then right clicking the server name you would like to share with and selecting Copy ID. You can also ask an administrator or moderator from the team you would like to share your whitelist with.