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The only Cardano Discord Bot you will ever need.

Used by the NFTs, DAOs, Stakepools and DeFi projects you know and love

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Give your community the best experience


Help your holders or delegators verify across multiple wallets and protect their privacy at the same time!


Ensure nobody hijacks your launch or event with automated scam-protection and auditing of suspicious events.

Automatic Roles

Automatically assigns holders and delegators different roles based on whatever ruleset you want.

Privacy by default

All commands and interactions with the bot happen privately and Vibrant does not give your data to any Discord operator or third party.

Whitelists your way

Require ownership of an NFT or token, delegation and many more criteria and set up easily usable whitelists in minutes.

DAO member access

Ensure only DAO-members that hold a specific token gain access to certain areas - it is set up in seconds with our automatic token-roles.

Marketplace integrations

Provide the buyers and sellers in your community access to tools that let them easily find bargains or that specific trait they were looking for.

Your Bot, Your Style

Customize the bot to your heart's content - names, colors and logos can be matched to your projects aesthetics and lore.

Dave - @thatssomedave
Dave - @thatssomedave


Everyone in our Discord was very impressed with Vibrant and had nothing but compliments.

“I have never seen a whitelist system this clean and easy to use before” ~ Cardolphins Discord member

Vibrant's ease of use and simplicity made us as a project look good, what more could you ask for?

Allusian - @allusian1
Allusian - @allusian1


Clean interface, clear guides, quick setup, built with care and attention to privacy, security, and customization. A powerful bot worthy of the Cardano community.

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