Access for everyone

Whitelists are not limited to verified users only, if you want them to. Anyone in your Discord server can sign up if they fulfill your signup criteria.

Custom Signup Rules

Require ownership of an NFT or token, limit the size of your whitelist or give it a start and end date. You can customize all rules that determine who can sign up and when.

How to do this

Secure REST Access

At some point your developers will want access to the signups. This happens through an OAuth-based REST API that only they can access.

How to do this

Engage Other Communities

Your whitelist can easily cross project boundaries. It takes only a minute to set up a whitelist for holders of a partnered NFT-project for example.

How to do this
Dave - @thatssomedave
Dave - @thatssomedave


Everyone in our Discord was very impressed with Vibrant and had nothing but compliments.

“I have never seen a whitelist system this clean and easy to use before” ~ Cardolphins Discord member

Vibrant's ease of use and simplicity made us as a project look good, what more could you ask for?

Jami - @motleymoonnft
Jami - @motleymoonnft

Motley Moon

Vibrant was recommended to me by a key community member who had nothing but positive things to say about it. After researching who created it, it became clear that it had to be included.

So far, the experience has been incredible.

Overall, excellent service.

Extremely private and safe.

It should be the first bot that every Cardano project adds to their Discord Server, in my opinion.