Questions and Answers

How can we be sure the bot does not do anything malicious?

The Vibrant Community bot is open-source and can be inspected and audited by any party (see Github link in the footer). In addition to that, we regularly share infrastructure details and security strategies so you know your information is in the best hands.

Why am I not auto-assigned a role despite being verified?

When verifying your wallet, it will be verified on the Discord server that you perform the verification on. Other servers will not have access unless you explicitly link them. You can use /verify list to see if your account is not linked:Not linkedIf your account is not linked, you can link it with the /verify link command to allow this Discord server to access your addresses. Once linked it will look as follows:LinkedAfter linking, it can take up to two hours for role assignments to kick in.

I have set up roles with metadata filters but users do not get their role

Metadata filter rules can be complex, depending on what filters you are setting up and how complex your metadata is. We suggest reading the documentation page for /configure-tokenroles metadatafilter add first. You can look through our numerous examples to see if anything matches your use case. You can also leverage our Metadata Filter Builder to test it out with your specific metadata. Simply paste your metadata and test your settings with immediate feedback if the filter matches. Alternatively, make sure the right filter aggregation-type is set for your tokenrole via /configure-tokenroles update

How can I customize the bot's design?

All bot customization can be done via the /configure-settings customize command. Follow the link to get to our detailed documentation page on bot customization. Black Edition is required to use this feature.

How does the Premium feature work?

The premium tier of Vibrant is called Black Edition and will turn on a variety of additional features for community members (see Premium) and server admins (see Pricing). Currently, the only way to enable Black Edition as a community member is by verifying a wallet and then delegating to the HAZEL stakepool. Any delegation amount is sufficient to become Black Edition member.

For server admins, the member count and delegation amount of members pledging their premium accounts to your server determine your monthly cost. You can use the /configure-premium status command to get your current premium status and delegation info, account balance etc.

Below you can find some examples on what monthly costs you can expect and what your community can pledge to get the bot completely for free. A calculator is provided on our Black Edition page.

Member countMonthly cost without discountADA delegated and pledged for 100% discount
12050 ₳2,400 ₳
50050 ₳10,000 ₳
2000100 ₳40,000 ₳
5000150 ₳10,000 ₳
10000200 ₳200,000 ₳
How can I ensure that I am interacting with the actual Vibrant Community bot and not a scam-bot?

We have been verified by Discord, which is a requirement for any bot used in 100+ servers. When interacting, the bot may have different names, colors and avatars, but it will always have the verified checkmark if it is a non-customized Vibrant bot, like below.

Verified Bot

Our Community Integration System will never ask you to provide any sort of seedphrase, password or other private information. We are also working on a /whoareyou command that will allow you to check if the bot really is who it says it is.

What happens when I use Black Edition features and then go back to Free edition?

Once your Black Edition subscription ends, you will lose access to the features that were Premium only. We do not delete whitelist data or unassign existing token/delegation role assignments. Instead, only the oldest of your roles will continue to be automatically assigned. All other roles will not be processed any more and Users in those roles will remain assigned (or unassigned) as they were at the time of ending the Black Edition subscription. Once you resume your subscription, everything will resume as before and access to whitelists and other data will be restored.

Why is the premium feature called Black Edition?

As advocates for cats and kittens all over the world, we named our best product Black Edition to share our love for black cats. They are often hard to adopt out because people believe they are bad luck. They could not be more wrong, and this is our little nod to the best voidbeasts.

What happens if HAZEL stakepool becomes saturated?

In the unlikely event that HAZELpool becomes saturated, we will - ahead of time - find a trusted Stakepool operator within the Cardano ecosystem and partner with them to provide an additional delegation target for Vibrant customers. In addition, it is always possible to use the subscription-based solution with a fixed ADA cost per month.

Why does the bot not respond when I send /slash commands in Discord?

It is possible that your Discord settings prevent interactions with the bot. Check in your User settings under Text & Image if "Embeds and Link Previews" are enabled. If not, turn them on.Permissions for Embedding Links in Discord

When do snapshots for my $HAZEL tokens occur?

Each Cardano Epoch at 0:00 UTC after the epoch starts, the system will make a staking snapshot of all verified delegators. Based on this snapshot, $HAZEL tokens will be allocated. If you verify a wallet halfway through the Epoch, you will not be part of the snapshot, even if you were delegated prior to the Epoch start.

Can I receive my prepaid balance back when I stop using Black Edition?

We are happy to return any unused balances to you if you contact us on our Support Discord. The balance will be returned to the last address that sent a payment for a refill.