Support your project and get extra perks?

Get Black Edition for NFT giveaways and HAZEL tokens.



  • Wallet verification
  • Automatic holder roles
  • Join project whitelists
  • Vote in polls with your tokens

Earn ADA

Black Edition


any amount of ADA

  • All free features PLUS
  • Earn ADA for delegating
  • Claim $HAZEL tokens
  • NFT giveaways
  • Exclusive whitelists and access
  • Priority support
  • No advertisements

How does Black Edition work?

Becoming a Black Edition member is as simple as delegating to the HAZEL stakepool by going to our pool info page and verifying your wallet in any server that runs Vibrant. You can check your status on any server via the /premium command. This will show you the delegated amount and which servers you are pledging it to. Pledging your Black Edition membership to a server helps the respective project with using the Vibrant bot and can also give you access to exclusive whitelists and other perks.

In addition to supporting projects, you will earn ADA with your delegation, be automatically entered into NFT giveaways and get various other perks, like priority support and no in-server advertisements. Staking and verifying your wallet will also make you eligible to receive HAZEL tokens at some point in Q3 or Q4 of 2022, which can be used to decide the future development of our community tools and to enter additional giveaways and whitelists in the future.

What is delegating?

On the Cardano blockchain, delegating is the act of staking your wallet with a stakepool. The staking on Cardano is non-custodial, meaning you have full access to your funds at any time and there is no risk involved. Staking with a Stakepool helps decentralize the network and will allow you to earn additional ADA while helping to keep the blockchain secure. More information