/configure-verify announce

Create a verification widget

In your Discord you will want the simplest steps for your users to verify and connect with your community. The command /configure-verify announce will give you exactly that, and more! With a dedicated widget just to have your users start the verification process with a single click. If they are already users of the bot on other Discords, their account will be linked within seconds and they will immediately receive their current eligible roles. Otherwise it will tell them how to start the normal verification process described in /verify add.

You will need to give the bot the right permissions to post to the channel, but you will be informed if the permissions are lacking.


The channel to post the verification widget in. The bot will need Send Messages permission on the selected channel.


An optional custom text that will be included in your verification widget. You cannot use line breaks but you can use other Discord Markdown to format your text.


Optional: A https URL to an image (JPG, PNG, GIF) that you want to add to your public verification widget.